Kiss - 'Ted Dekker',  'Erin Healy' Ted Dekker's "Kiss" presents itself as a psychological suspense/thriller with political intrigue. Such a story occurs in the aftermath of one woman's awakening from a coma after a tragic accident. Struggling to recover the holes in her memory, Shauna faces family backlash (as they accuse her of perpetuating the accident that leaves her brother disabled), a drug that's issued to suppress her memories, and events that make her question the truth behind everything and everyone she knows. Add to the fact that someone may still be trying to kill her, as her memory starts fills in from a unique ability she has, and Shauna begins to unravel the deception and mystery of what may be afoot, and who wants her out of the way.I did like the intrigue of the novel, but there were parts of it that were slow going. I think as the work went on, and Shauna's relationships started to fill in, I found myself pulled into her story and sympathetic to her character in spurts. I liked the relationship and chemistry she has with Miguel, and there were parts I liked in terms of how she puts the pieces together, though some of those moments could have taken less time than what they did. It was a page turner that kept me reading, probably not the whole time through, but enough to where the work left an indelible mark in my mind. I would definitely recommend it for those who like psychological suspense/thriller with a solid political tie and light elements stepping into the supernatural. It perhaps could've been tightened for better clarity and momentum, but was well worth the read.Overall score: 3/5