Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Barthe DeClements Bathre DeClements "Double Trouble" (co-written with her son Christopher Greimes) is a very well written story about twins that were separated in the aftermath of the tragic death of their parents and older sister. But Phillip and Faith are closer than what most people think, not simply for the fact that they're twins, but because they share secret abilities that allow them to sense the other. Faith can pick up on cues with her limited mindreading (ESP) abilities, while Phillip can be in two places at once by separating from his body in astral form.The story is written in a series of letters between Phillip and Faith, accounting their experiences living away from each other. Things become complicated for the two of them - Phillip has a tough time living under his foster parents care, especially with his foster father. Faith's troubles come in the form of suspecting a popular teacher at her school of criminal activity, and he seems to be catching on to her suspicions. The twins have to use their abilities to make sense of the things going on around them, and to help each other when they hit the wall.I found it to be a convincing, imaginative read. The prose flows smoothly, the dynamic and character chemistries are vivid and kept me turning the pages to see what happens next, even if the story itself is rather simple and doesn't quite expand on the twins abilities as much as it could've. It's a short read, so some might think it ends sooner than it begins, but for 168 pages, I was drawn to both Phillip and Faith's trials, and I rooted for them as events fell into place. I would say it's more of a story appreciated by younger teens/juvenile readers, but for the story told, it was charming and one I would definitely recommend.Overall score: 3.5/5