Ask Me Anything: A Novel

Ask Me Anything - Francesca Delbanco I'm going to apologize to Francesca Delbanco in advance because she seems like she could be a really sweet writer, and "Ask Me Anything" had such an interesting premise that I thought it would be a delightful novel. I mean, even the blurb on the book says that Rosalie is "such a loveable young woman, I was sorry to leave her." As quoted by Diane Johnson.I didn't really see the lovable or quirky side of Rosalie very much. She's making her living as a actress in a theater group (ironic I'm reviewing two theater related books in a row - but I do love theater and many other forms of art), and she's also a columnist for a popular teen help feature. I did like the teen blurbs in spurts because they seemed practical and showed Rosalie's character in spurts (probably could've been done without, but I wouldn't say they were bad), but the rest of the story seemed farfetched in many places. A young woman having an affair with her friend's father, and in the way it was presented? I...wasn't convinced. It was unfortunate, and I think the novel was trying to be funny, but there isn't much of that in the work. I think the promise was there, and the premise could've been interesting, but the way it came across didn't click. The writing is decent, but meanders a bit more from the point in parts that I didn't care for. Her writing is solid in structure, but not in overall presentation. I've read some chick-lit in fair comparison, but by far this was one of the ones that didn't meet my approval.I think the only character I really liked in this book was Declan, because he seemed probably the closest character that I could relate to, but the remainder of the cast suffers from being quite flat, unfortunately.Overall, I'm willing to look into Delbanco's other works, but this deeply disappointed me on several levels. And it's a pity because the version I had featured a beautiful cover and some intriguing blurbs.