Romeo, Romeo

Romeo, Romeo - Robin Kaye Robin Kaye's "Romeo, Romeo" genuinely took me by surprise in how enjoyable it was. The Golden Heart Award winning author offered her first book in the "Domestic Gods" series for free on Amazon Kindle, and I thought I'd download it after reading stellar reviews about the book in various considerations. Suffice to say, I was a bit skeptical coming into the book, because I can say that romance novels don't always click with me unless they have a little something extra."Romeo, Romeo" does have elements in it that are stereotypical, and if you're looking for something more realistic and heavy, the book may disappoint because it's more of a light read than anything else. But what drew me into the work were the character dynamics, the voice and humor of the two main leads of the book. Dominic Romeo is a wealthy playboy who doesn't get tied down, and he's used to relationships where women pursue him for his money. Rosalie is a working woman who often has to manage her working life with her family's attempts to set up her relationships. The two meet by chance when Rosalie's car breaks down, and Dominic (a.k.a. Nick) has to take care of her car and ends up doing a little more than that in the process.For me, Nick and Rosalie were the highlights of the book and carried the story for me the whole way. I did have to suspend disbelief on certain elements (the car shouldn't have been kept away as long as it was, heh), but in the end, it's a sweet story with well-placed humor. It helps that Kaye's prose is light, amusing, and the characters have their own bite to supplement their personalities. The secondary cast is typical, but okay - I thought most of the relationships worked for what they provided.Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend "Romeo, Romeo" for a romance fan who's looking for a light read. It was enjoyable and very much worth the time spent to read through, and I hope to read more from the author, not simply on the strengths of this work, but to see how she expands upon them in her other works.Overall score: 3.5/5