Butterface - Gwen Hayes "Butterface" has the kind of story that I expect from quality, well-written short stories. It makes me care about the characters with respect to their voices and personalities (double check since this switches between perspectives), it has a well-plotted dilemma, and the story sucks you in until the very end. It's 19 pages of a beautifully woven tale about a girl bearing the scars of a childhood deformity, with a boy who finds himself falling for her, and yet sucked into a deal that could hurt the person he calls his friend. Beth was born with a childhood illness that left her face physically scarred, and she feels like she has to put people at a distance because she doesn't feel pretty. Lucky is Beth's friend, a good-looking, athletic, and all around nice guy. But when his "brothers" tell him to bring Beth to a party which involves judging the ugliest date at the event, Lucky has his hands full because he doesn't want to hurt her, but he doesn't want to lose his spot on the soccer team. The way the scenario plays out is natural, real, and genuine. I liked the progression, the details, and the characterization.I bought the story from Amazon.com's Kindle store and thought it was a wonderful read. Definitely worth the price and time taken to read it.Overall score: 4/5