Boy Crazy

Boy Crazy - Hailey Abbott Hailey Abbott's "Boy Crazy" is a quite a YA guilty pleasure read if one could label it, but to be honest, I thought it could be a lot better than what it was for the lesson it was trying to teach. Cassie is a girl out with her friends for the summer of her life. After making a pact with her friends to see who could kiss the most guys in a "single ladies" summer, Cassie finds her plan compromised when she meets Trey, a bad boy with a "love her and leave her" past. She not only falls head over heels in love with him, but also starts to date him in secret despite her friends' warnings. And you could probably guess what kind of collateral damage that would lead to.Let me first highlight some of the strengths of the book before I get into the negatives - there's a fully realized conflict and when the predicted collateral damage occurs, it doesn't come without weight. Cassie is a young woman determined to make things work out, and is torn between her friends and the guy she really wants to be with. The story does come full circle, and without spoiling the ending (though you can probably guess what happens), it's tied up rather well. However, there were many things about the book that slowed me down in completing it. For one, there are WAY too many pop culture and Hollywood references in this book. It weighted down the story significantly and there were many times I had to put the book down and come back to it because I felt the author name dropped too much. It's one thing to have a few references to clothing, music, TV series and the like, because it creates what the character loves, but there were times, especially in the early part of the book, where it wasn't needed. Also, with respect to the whole "kissing ten boys" part of the book, the author walks you through each kiss that Cassie undertakes - a total of four, not counting Trey. I thought that several part of the book could've been slimmed down to hit the points of the conflict much quicker than what the author played out. Still, I think after reflecting over the book's pros and cons, it's a decent story, just one that took a little too long to get to its heart.Overall score: 2/5