Meditation for Fiction Writers

Meditation for Fiction Writers - Gavin Veere I bought this from the Kindle store looking for research on how meditation could help writers in general. I usually meditate twice a day and I do use it to help me write on occasion, but I haven't found many books that delve more into this practice. I found this to be an interesting, short read for the beginner in terms of technique. Gavin Veere delves a bit into the basic practices of meditation (focusing on breathing, etc.) and the basic practice of freewriting, though I wish for the respective price I paid for it ($2.99) that there had been more comprehensive information or more specific exercises for the fiction writer to try (such as specifically visualizing characters, settings, etc.) The basics and set up are there, but there's really not much beyond the scope of this work to take it to the next level or do more with it. That disappointed me, and I think if you're completely new to practicing meditation as a fiction writer, this may help, but it feels like it could've offered so much more.