The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies)

The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies, Book 2) - Pittacus Lore "The Power of Six" has me within two minds after its cliffhanger conclusion. On one level, it's a book that I liked in one voice and absolutely detested to the infinite degree in the other. I've come to the conclusion that I will be following this series to see what happens in the reunion, but I will hope that the next work is more cohesive. The writing still felt patchy and disjointed in many places. This is a book that's written in the voice of two characters - Number Seven (Marina) and Number Four (John), the latter of whom we met in the previous book. "The Power of Six" starts with Marina struggling to come to terms with her identity under her guardian Adelina. Adelina is very hesitant to show anything to Marina about her heritage, and as Marina follows up with the hunt for Number Four, she also finds that the Morgadorians are closing in on her, and that she'll have to act fast. I'll admit, I liked Marina - her voice and her character. She made this book for me and kept me reading. I felt for her plight and honestly, when certain events came to pass, I felt sorry for her, though I'll admit she sounds a bit younger than her 17 years. There were times when I did become frustrated with her, but at least I could see the logic in her actions. She's probably the reason why I've decided to continue the series.John, on the other hand, could disappear forever, and I would not care. Actually, no, I would care, if the authors hadn't screwed him over so badly into such an inconsistent mess of a character. I detested what the authors did to his character in this book, just for the sake of creating drama. Granted, while the writing style and choppy presentation did make me waver on the first book, I still appreciated John on some levels (even while not being a fan of his character voice). I wanted to see how he, Sam, and Six worked out in this book while they were on the run from the law AND if they found any of the remaining Lorien.It's painfully obvious how the characters were manipulated in this book. Not only does John make decisions in this book that puts the characters in danger (though I'd argue some of the better action scenes in this book did feature John, Six, and Sam), but he's caught in this weird love triangle that apparently goes several different ways, and it was made a point that he could only love one person (Sarah)? No, just no. Terrible sequencing. The love triangle thing felt horribly forced, overemphasized and nearly pulled me out of the story. I was ready to throw the book against the wall (well, not literally since I read it via ebook and audiobook). And I can't buy Sarah's supposed role in this story. It felt like it came out of nowhere, just for the sake of creating an extra dramatic point. Argh. I'm still asking why it was even presented this way, it didn't do anything for John's, Six's or Sam's characters, just made them insufferable rather than just okay.I would like Six more as a character if the author didn't play up the fact that she's awesome at every point she shows up. It felt too telling and forced, though I have to say that there are some places where she shines, particularly towards the end. Overall, I'm still on the fence about this series, and while I say that I would rather not follow the route John might go in the rest of this series, I will follow Marina, Six, and the remaining characters to see how they stand up against the Morgadorians.Overall score: 2.5/5