Uglies (The Uglies)

Uglies  - Scott Westerfeld Though I've read quite a few Scott Westerfeld books, I've never read "Uglies" until now. It has an interesting premise, showcasing the tale of Tally Youngblood's journey to becoming a pretty. It's an operation that teens undergo when they turn 16, removing imperfections and being able to mingle with other Pretties in an exclusive environment separate from the Uglies that Tally has been around most of her life. However, after a night of sneaking into Pretty territory, Tally meets Shay, who isn't fond of the Pretty lifestyle and shows Shay a world beyond the one she knows. It isn't long before Shay runs away before she becomes pretty, but Tally's caught for what she knows, and the authorities give her a choice - either tell the truth about Shay and find her, or never become pretty at all. From there, it's a matter of tough choices, lies, and harrowing situations for Tally.I think this book appealed to me because of how well the environment and social issues were raised in the mix of things, but I still feel like "Uglies" was missing something that many dystopic teen books have touched upon, and I think it might come down to the measure that the stakes/emotional cores weren't that high. I'm not saying that there wasn't a good amount of tension and character weight going into the book, and while Tally's rather resistant to change, she ultimately does, and tries to find the balance between knowing the best and knowing the right things to do. Yet, I felt that while the book has such an interesting concept at its core, the execution didn't come like the punch in the gut that I thought it would be, even down to some of the heavy revelations that are given in the story. There are characters that are turned that I believed would have more impact, there are characters that DIED that I thought would have more impact, but I felt most of them were treated more as an afterthought in the scheme of things, and while the set up was good, the execution didn't quite deliver. Still, it kept me reading and I did enjoy it for what it offered. I just wish that it had dug its heels a bit deeper considering it was such a fascinating realm to delve into.Overall score: 3/5