Boy Proof

Boy Proof - Cecil Castellucci I read "Boy Proof" in one afternoon and for a quick read, this was actually a rather well-told tale, even if the protagonist isn't necessarily the kind of character you would align with at the very beginning. Egg, who's real name is Victoria, idolizes a character from her favorite movie, Terminal Earth. She's a sci-fi geek (and there are numerous references to sci-fi works in this novel) who self-loathes about her life despite vying to become the valedictorian of her school, having famous parents (father's an Oscar winning director, mother's an actress), and generally having a bunch of people surrounding her, though she sees herself as lonely.Enter Max, the new kid in town, to upend her world from what she knows it to be. He's smart, confident, and Egg isn't exactly happy with the challenge, especially since he vies for her spot as valedictorian, among other aspects of her life. Pretty soon, in her relationship with Max along with her peers, she realizes that not everything in her life was as miserable as she believes it was, especially when she's in trouble of losing them and questioning things she thought she knew. Victoria/Egg's voice is full of point-blank humor and snark, though she's the kind of character that pushes people away, and it may not necessarily work for readers who dislike characters of that nature. I thought it was worthwhile seeing how she changes from someone who is predominantly self-loathing to someone who realizes what it means to value their relationships and that what one may see on a screen doesn't translate to real life. It's about as much a book about identity as it is about relationships, and I think it suits its audience well on that front.Only problem I had was that there were certain references to Terminal Earth (Egg's favorite movie) that might've bogged down the pacing slightly, though I understood that communicates her enthusiasm over the movie along with the geek culture she's a part of. It feels authentic, though it does bog down the first part of the book a little more than I expected it would. Nonetheless, this was a quick read, and I enjoyed it for what it offered.Overall score: 3/5