White Crow

White Crow - Marcus Sedgwick "White Crow" was a quick read that I'll admit seemed interesting in its premise and set up, but didn't quite live up to tying things together very well. It engaged me, certainly with it's mix of murder mystery, religious corruption and questioning, scientific limitations, supernatural hints, and atmospheric prose. However, I found that in the blend of the three viewpoint characters this novel takes on (a corrupted priest, a young woman named Rebecca, and her convoluted, off-center new friend Ferelith), the meaningfulness of the novel doesn't come across as much as it promised. It certainly has a creepiness factor that lingers even after you turn the final page, but I don't know if it's the type of novel that one would read more than once. Rebecca is a young woman who moves to the town of Winterfold against her will after her father, an inspector, is implicated in an accidental death. Rebecca doesn't really have many people to talk to until she meets the smart, but peculiar Ferelith. The two teens explore the dark corners of an old building within the town, and that's when the creepy factors of the novel come into place with unraveling. The story alternates between the two girls' perspectives as well as a priest who conducted horrific experiments during the French Revolution, involving the question of life, death, and the afterlife.I wasn't really convinced by the relationship of the girls, and the teen drama between Rebecca and her father seemed a bit overwrought. But the dark imagery was one of the things that kept me reading, and it did freak me out in places. I wouldn't doubt that readers in the target audience would also find the imagery chilling as well. Is it the type of novel that I would say people would love? Hard to say. I understood the metaphors and the themes along the lines of the human condition, but I kept thinking that if it were somewhat longer and more time were devoted to the characters, it could've been that much stronger in its construction. Decent read, worth trying for those who like gothic/horror literature.Overall score: 2.5/5