Timeless - Alexandra Monir I enjoyed Alexandra Monir's "Timeless" in more ways than one, the beautiful cover being one part that drew me to the book, but it was namely the historical backdrop and premise that had me hooked. Michele Windsor is a young woman with a gift for writing songs, living with her mom and having close friends at home despite having a modest income, and keeping the secret that she's descended from the wealthy Windsor family. It's when a terrible accident occurs, claiming the life of her mother, that Michele finds her world turned upside down. She's swept off to live under the wing of her wealthy grandparents, which doesn't come with some points of contention at times as Michele tries to adjust to her new life and cope with her mother's death. In opening a journal containing links to the past, along with a pendant that once belonged to her father, Michele finds herself swept through time, traveling in backdrops from the roaring twenties to the jazz era to the heart of World War II. In the mix of learning about her family history, she also finds love with Phillip, a young man she's seen in her dreams, but has not had the opportunity to meet until her trek through time.There are moments in the story where one might need to suspend disbelief with respect to how Michele travels through time and how certain characters interact with her despite no other beings are able to see her except those pertinent to the scene. Still, it's a charming, sweet story (maybe even a little sad) in places, one that kept me reading to the end. I liked the character interactions, and some of the ideas in this novel are sound and go beyond some of the conventional time-travel romances I've read in YA. I appreciated the level of detail that Monir goes into for delving into Michele's family history and the bit insights into the respective times, though there were times I think the pacing could have been a little more fluid. The cliffhanger at the end makes me want to read onward to see where the series goes, and teased a smile out of me. :) If I could critique one other thing about the book overall - I wish that the relationship between Phillip and Michele were shown a little more instead of told, though it's obvious the two are taken with each other. The attraction to me didn't quite hit as hard as I thought it could've, but it makes sense considering the pacing of the work and the multitude of issues that Monir addresses - as to what Michele sees, hears, feels as she makes the trek through time in different spaces. I also liked the fact that Monir uses actual song lyrics (her own penned songs, which I think are available on Itunes) incorporated in the novel and the music ties in directly, sporting a big band jazz influence with modern styling. It was a really fun element to incorporate in the work and an inventive, interactive touch.Overall, I'm definitely giving the next novel in this series a try, and want to see more of what Monir has to offer. It's a novel with some charming offerings, give or take a few flaws.Overall score: 3/5