Twisted - Laurie Halse Anderson Laurie Halse Anderson's "Twisted" tells the tale of a boy who's wound one too many times in his life on several factors, up until the moment when his world comes crashing down and he's faced with a heartbreaking choice that I think will resonate with readers for a long time after they finish the book. Tyler is a high school senior who transforms from the class nerd into a guy who suddenly gets a mass of attention for the change in his physique after shaping up when working during his parole (since he decided to graffiti the school and got caught doing it). He doesn't quite know how to handle his image as a bad boy, but it seems to have its advantages, including standing up to guys who used to bother him, and attracting the attention of the girl whom he's crushed over for the longest time. Unfortunately, the girl he loves is the daughter of his father's boss, and the sister of the boy who hates his guts. Added to his troubles, his relationship with his father seems to be on thin ice, he falls behind in his schoolwork, and after a terrible incident at a party Tyler sneaks off to, he's tipping on the edge of breaking down. Anderson writes a wonderfully vivid, evocative story. Tyler has a very distinct, teen voice that feels realistic and emotionally sound, and I found myself rooting for him through the course of the book, not only in the humorous bits when he tells himself that he has to do the right thing, but also when he makes the decision to face his problems straight on and continue to live. It's a read I would highly recommend to teens and adults alike.Overall score: 4.5/5