My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Book 1)

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent I found Rachel Vincent's "My Soul to Take" an enjoyable read and one of my first forays into YA Urban Fantasy reads. The story revolves around Kaylee, a young woman who can sense when someone's about to die. She usually sees the person surrounded in shadows, and has to fight the compulsion to scream in front of the intended victim. My introduction to this series came with the prequel audiobook/story called "My Soul to Lose." There were minor references to Kaylee's brief stint in a mental institution, and having read the prequel, it made more sense as to why Kaylee has such a hard time revealing her ability to anyone. She suspects that it's more than just "panic attacks," and feels ashamed to reveal her secret because she believes people will think she's crazy. But Nash, a mysterious and handsome boy that Kaylee meets one night, seems to believe her story and her ability, even knows more about it than she does. And when three girls start dying mysteriously over the course of three days, Kaylee suspects that it's not by mere coincidence, and that she'll have to rely on Nash as well as the people she knows to figure out the truth behind the deaths.I think there's an acute focus on the mystery and lore behind the deaths and what Kaylee's role/ability is within the spectrum of the story, and by far, I think the story's uniqueness and intrigue stems from that. The romantic aspects of the story I think were a bit shortchanged because you aren't allowed to see the growth of Kaylee and Nash's relationship, though it is sweet in spurts and the attraction is clear cut. I liked Kaylee's voice and found Nash a likable male lead, though I'll admit, much of the story didn't quite draw me in as deeply as the prologue to the work. I loved the insight into the lore of the work (with respect to the banshees, reapers, etc.), but I also think the story, as fast and fluid as it read, could've been more evocative than what it was. Some of the twists were interesting, though I'll admit I predicted two of them earlier on in the story so that took a little bit of the suspense away from me (and I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the book here.) Still, I'm definitely interested to see where Vincent takes the ongoing series. Wonderful audiobook narration by Amanda Ronconi.Overall score: 3/5