Delirium (Delirium (Quality))

Delirium - Lauren Oliver I think what makes "Delirium" such an engrossing read isn't so much the premise or the dystopic settings (which, if compared to peer dystopias feels rather empty), but the evocative style of the writing and emotions that Lena experiences when she realizes her world is a lie and her mindset changes when she finds love in a world that considers it a disease. This is my first Oliver novel and was immediately drawn in by the depth of the conviction in her writing. It's very much more of a love story than it is a firm dystopian novel, but the society presents the backdrop that frames the overall conflict - love is considered a contagious disease, and to combat it, not only do individuals have to undergo procedures to be "cured", but they also have predetermined mates among other controlled activities within the society. Lena, at first, nervously adheres to the rules and regulations of where she lives, while feeling like her friend is slipping away since Lena's friend starts acting outside the official rules and regulations of the society. Yet, when Lena meets Alex, she finds herself breaking more rules than she can count, and discovering a whole other realm of possibilities and experiences. The relationship between Lena and Alex feels genuine in and of itself. In some ways, the experiences are captured very well, but in others, it feels somewhat haphazard as the comparisons bog the prose down a bit, but at least it seems in context. While I definitely saw the events of the novel coming a mile away towards the end, it still felt vivid and harrowing, and it leaves the novel on a cliffhanger that leads with intrigue for the next installment. If I could give some constructive criticism with regards to this novel: the worldbuilding could've been a bit stronger to supplement the fear of the oppressive society, even from an earlier point than where it's established.Overall, I enjoyed it and would definitely read the next work in the series, as well as Oliver's other novels.Overall score: 3.5/5