Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After: Book Four in the Bride Quartet - Nora Roberts Decent conclusion to the Bride Quartet series. It follows somewhat the same formula as the first three books (which if you read them all in one go, it may feel a bit repetitive - I spaced out my reads with each release) with wedding triumphs and woes for the members of VOWS, while focusing the lens on developing the two leading characters and the ups and downs in their relationship. In this book, Parker's the usual workaholic who has a seemingly tough exterior and not quite sure how to deal with love, while Malcolm is a mechanic who wants nothing else but to tear down Parker's walls, but it's insinuated that he has a bit of a dark past of his own. Like the other books in this series, I don't think the conflict ever gets too deep or properly vetted out, which frustrates me slightly, but I love the slice of life atmosphere and the attention to the character exchanges. I think the character relationships are in the same plane as the previous books, and I like how much detail is given in the realm of being a wedding planner. I have the same issue with this book as the previous installments, in that I wished more time was spent on developing the class differential between Parker and Mal to make it that much more vivid in the reader's mind since it seemed to come as a potential rift between the two, along with Malcolm's past, at such a late point in the story. I still found it a pleasant read, and the pulling together of the relationships in this book to highlight Parker, Emma, Mac and Laurel's road to their happy endings was fitting to the tone and progression of the series as a whole. While it's not my favorite series as a whole from Roberts (I've seen read quite many of her books in comparison), it would be one that I'd return to put a smile on my face.Overall score: 3/5