The Beauty Blueprint: 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams

The Beauty Blueprint: 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams - Michelle Phillips "The Beauty Bluepint: 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams" is as much of a guide to feeling your best as it is one on how to look your best. Michelle Phillips, a makeup artist, TV persona, lifestyle coach, and motivational speaker, writes "The Beauty Blueprint" in an easy to follow format for women who want to improve their self-confidence and find a path to happiness in their lives by looking at specific aspects of one's life piece by piece. She uses an interesting combination of personal experience with her wellness coachings and practical exercises to approach a message emphasizing the importance of "Mind, Beauty, and Spirit" all while maintaining that beauty is something that comes from within, and to showcase the best in people, it's important to look within and discover the qualities that make you feel in your happy space. Some of this includes looking at what qualities best describe you, evaluating relationships, seeing yourself in your ideal career/lifestyle, among other aspects. None of it ever feels preachy and it's open ended enough to allow women of many backgrounds to think about what aspects they want to focus on improving in a general context. But in addition to the considerations of wellness, it also focuses on external beauty in giving practical tips on coordinating one's wardrobe, makeup tidbits, as well as practical organizational measures to keep in mind.I read through this rather quickly, completing a few of the exercises within to see how well it would work for me, and it was worth the time spent. Its questions and mental visualizations were very appropriate, though I think the demographic for this book seems to aim beyond those who are in their 20s and 30s. I'm 27 as of writing this review, but I still found much of it applicable to me. Many of the exercises really don't take much time at all, and there's some wiggle room for artistic types in creating "The Beauty Blueprint." I kind of wish there were (visual) examples of other women's Beauty Blueprints to see the range of what people chose to do with it, though Phillips herself provides examples for some of the specific exercises completed within, and it's easy to understand and inspiring to read. Phillips' voice is encouraging, clear-cut, and informative throughout the work, and her presentation is very well-organized.Overall a wellness book worth the read and one I would certainly return to.Overall score: 4/5I received this as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher Hay House, Inc.