Come As You Are

Come As You Are - Theresa Weir Pre-read: Couple of reasons why I'm reading this book:1. I've read the author's work before, but unfortunately it wasn't really enough of an experience to really tell me anything about her writing style, so I figured I'd give her another shot and hope my experience with this was better than the last (though my perusals in the NA scheme have been mostly misses, I've had a few that struck me well. Here's to hoping this is one of the better ones).2. The title's "Come As You Are" - which is the title of a Nirvana song and it immediately leapt to mind as I saw it listed on NetGalley. I'm wondering if that was intentional, because if it's evocative of the tone of the novel overall? I'd say: Good choice.*crosses fingers*Post-read: I think "Come As You Are" was a much better read in the scheme of the genres it was written in than a great many titles I've picked up this year. It's not the smoothest read to get through, and it touches upon some tough issues in light ways which I think could've been more developed in a full narrative, but I'll admit I followed Molly and Ian well for the most part. This felt real enough for me to follow and feel for the characters, though again - there were caveats. Full review to come.