Out of Play

Out of Play - Nyrae Dawn, Jolene Perry Initial reaction: Not one of the better contemporary tough subject books in its genre that I've picked up. Honestly I found it rather...boring, and while it had several parts in the right place, I just couldn't get into it. I'm going to look through it again to see if my mind changes, but honestly - I wish it could've been better than what it was.Full review:Jolene Perry and Nyrae Dawn's "Out of Play" should've been a book that I loved. It revolves around sports, it has a female character that breaks genre stereotypes (purportedly), it deals with some tough issues, and it had the potential to be a decent coming of age story, with perhaps some elements of romance.But I was bored collectively by this narrative, not to mention underwhelmed. Granted, there are two considerations I want to make with this. I haven't read either author before "Out of Play", and this might've been a terrible introduction to the both of them because I have no knowledge of what their narrative styles are like. That probably would've made a difference in terms of what to expect from this book, but I'm not sure. Another, I have read so many books with this kind of setup that were excellent, and to come across this one underwhelmed me in that I was unimpressed with the characterizations and the dealing of the tough issues that were highlighted.*still writing, long review*