Review: Storm at SEA by Skyler White

Storm at SEA - Skyler White

Quick review for a quick read. So this is my second (or it might be third, I can't remember which) foray into choose your own adventure type style adult themed reads. This particular read's specifically in the vein of erotica/erotic romance, and quite like the last few times I picked up this type of read, the idea comes across as an awesome way to write a story, but the execution leaves much to be desired. The problem with this book was that the plot was so rail thin it was hard to keep my attention in the story. There were times when the prose suited the encounters fine, while others either took far too long to get to the purported scene or overwrote the exchanges to the point where it threw me out of the story.

Story - by its bare bones - revolves around Joss Smith, a reporter checking into a sex club called SEA (Society of Erotic Adventures). She wants to write an article about her experiences there, and accompanies her husband for something of a self-discovery journey for the two of them as a couple. I felt like this really didn't do much with its CYOA qualities, because it took forever for you to get to the first choice, and even then, it wasn't really a choice (I'm quite a number of years over 18, mind you. I think some picking up this e-novella would probably side eye the book for that inclusion.) Then the second choice took forever to pop up and then finally it hit a series of places where you could choose what you did in terms of the encounters/roleplay. Some parts were better written than others, with the pacing matching just the right stride, but others were too bogged down with nothing really happening and very little connectivity to the characterizations. I think that aptly describes my experience with this novella, I couldn't connect to any of the encounters or situations because I had very little connection to the characters or their plight.

In the end, I wouldn't pick up this particular story again, but I am curious to see other works by Skyler White, just to see what she can do with a fully developed novel or something outside of this particular style (which is very hard to pull off in its own measure). Maybe the next read might strike me better despite how much this wasn't my cup of tea.

Overall score: 1.5/5 stars.

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.