Review: A Writer's Guide to Persistence by Jordan Rosenfeld

A Writer's Guide To Persistence: How to Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice - Jordan E. Rosenfeld

Quick review for a quick read. I think it's difficult for me to really cover everything that Jordan Rosenfeld incorporates in this book, but I will say that I really appreciated everything she incorporates in "A Writer's Guide to Persistence." Not only does she offer expansions on challenges that writers of all levels face in the process, she offers concrete explanations on how to tackle such barriers and summarily addresses them per the various steps in the writing process. There are plenty of writing exercises to be had here (many of them I decided to complete in my Writing bullet journal) as well as physical/mental/emotional exercises to help refresh the writerly mind and take it away from the pressures that may keep one from writing as productively as they may.

The lists of resources in this book are especially helpful for connections to the process and removing distractions in one's writing pursuits. Everything from apps to websites are noted in various measures here, so there are plenty of connecting points not only on a personal level for one picking up their writing pursuits, but also in building connections with others who are in similar processes and experiences. I definitely liked the book and how easily accessible and organized it was. I'll definitely come back to it from time to time if I ever need a refresher on the topic. I would definitely recommend it for those who may feel like they want a good narrative on building and rekindling their processes, as well as those who may be stuck in various stages of the writing process (whether you're trying to start a narrative or push yourself through a particular stage, including the process of publishing your work). It's a good resource and certainly worth owning in a writing library.

Overall score: 4/5 stars.