Review: Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer

Proof of Forever - Lexa Hillyer

Quick review for a not so quick read despite the length of the narrative. To be honest, I'm still struggling over my end thoughts on Lexa Hillyer's "Proof of Forever". I definitely liked the concept of the novel and the intent behind it. Four girls who have had estranged relationships are provided an odd chance to relive their experiences during the one summer when they were all friends and coming to terms with a number of examinations within their relationships, with each other, and with the crossing of their present and past lives. Zoe, Tali, Joy and Luce are all very distinctive, identifiable characters, and I'll admit that I liked being able to examine their experiences and unique traits as they try to recreate pieces of their past for the possibility of returning to the present. Of course, it isn't so easy considering various obstacles get in their way - what with changing timelines, circumstances, misunderstandings, even the clashes they have between each other that eventually bubble to the surface for them to deal with on their own terms.

I would say that this is very light sci-fi with a chiefly coming of age aspect to it and sugary sweet doses of humor and romance. So with that in mind, I guess you would be wondering "Rose, why weren't you more enthused about this narrative?" Answer: it's hard for me to say, because in theory and on paper, I should've liked this book more than I did. I felt like it didn't provide me with as strong of a connection as I was hoping for. Maybe it was because it tried to take on too many themes in such a short span of time; maybe it was the style of the narration Hillyer used to illuminate each of the girls' POVs; maybe it was the fact that it could've gone even more fun directions for the interesting premise instead of opting for the obvious cheese humor. But it had cute moments, it had some nice narratives for the coming to terms, it had some great points of self-realization and identification. I just...feel like I wasn't as completely immersed in this as much as I wanted to be. I really wanted that experience too. :(

It was good for a one time read and I'm glad I took the time to peruse it, but honestly thinking about it - it's not the type of narrative I'd return to more than once or twice. I wish it'd been as memorable as "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" or Lauren Oliver's "Before I Fall" or narratives that present a flawed cast of characters with coming of age elements, humor, and identification. Alas, it didn't quite hit above the mark with me.

Overall score: 3/5 stars.