Review: Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott

Love You Hate You Miss You - Elizabeth Scott

Quick review for a quick read. I think every Elizabeth Scott book I've read thus far has such a potent attention to the respective character emotions she showcases. This book does the grief and healing process after the loss of a friend very well. Amy has survivor's guilt over the death of Julia - her former best friend. The two girls were in an vehicular accident - with Amy drunk and Julia shaken by grief in the events of that respective night. "Love You Hate You Miss You" shows Amy grappling with people's perception of the event, her changed relationships, a potential romance (which I honestly felt was weak and underdeveloped compared to the overarching story), and trying to make sense of her own emotions and guilt in the aftermath. I really felt like I was in her head and grieving along with her, though I'll admit there were times when I found it hard to follow the poor choices she made. I felt the book did a great job of making the experiences intimate to Amy's character on an overarching note.

I only wish that the coming to terms didn't abruptly end as much as it did, and that the romance in this didn't really fall as flat as it did. Granted, I could definitely see Amy's emotions and connections, but it worked so much better with her grief and showing her relationship with her parents. I didn't like that the romance Amy was in mainly came in her grief process rather than as a naturally built chemistry. Overall though, this was an emotional and very strong read.

Overall score: 4/5 stars.