Review: The 100 (The 100 #1) by Kass Morgan

The 100 - Kass Morgan

Quick review for a semi-quick read. I had been on the fence about reading Kass Mogan's "The 100" series. I think the tipping point was me finally taking the plunge and watching the CW series of the same name. The first season interested me enough to see what the book series had to offer, only to realize that the book is a horse of a different color entirely (seriously, do not go into the book series thinking that it mirrors the TV series of the same name. Certain characters who die early on in the TV show survive in the book, though some plot parallels and backstories exist).

I didn't care much for the novel on the whole, to be honest. Even told through multiple perspectives, I thought that there was a bit too much emphasis on romance alongside the survival aspects and stakes the story put forward. It had a decent framework, but that's all it was - framework. Bare bones, even. I'll admit I was invested enough to see where it wanted to go, but I also felt like banging my head against the wall for numerous reasons. The story is all over the place. Not only is it told between several perspectives (Clarke, Wells, Glass, and Bellamy), but the story jumps willy nilly between past and present events. The characters and presentation feel much more flat than they deserved for the tale. And there were certain lines that were such cheese that I couldn't take them seriously at all. One of the heroes saying that he'd take off his shirt "at some point?" Teens making stupid and morally jarring decisions just to be with the one they love? Pfffffft. Not here for that noise.

I'm not saying I didn't care at all about the character tragedies, but it felt jumbled and force-fed, more than I could tolerate for space that could've been used to further develop the world, the rules and regulations in which they are repressed under, and the characters themselves to give them more flesh. I found myself rolling my eyes at the over the top declarations and writing. It just felt...very painful to read at times.

I find the TV series problematic in points, but I think the book might be worse for wear. I may decide to pick up the next two books just to see what happens, but I can't say I feel invested in it because the presentation had so much potential only to leave much to be desired. (Literally and figuratively.)

Overall score: 1.5/5 stars.