Review: Never Never Part 3 of 3 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Never Never: Part Three of Three - Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher

Initial reaction: Long story short: this series was a waste of time and money and I hope I can get a refund from Amazon - at least for this last part. It wasn't worth the investment of the serial if it was just going to end up like that - lots of plot holes, dropped story threads, and a very disappointing and childish resolution.

Full review:

*sighs* Okay, I'll level with you guys, this book was not good. Not good at all. And mostly I say that because when you have a serial novel that makes the reader certain promises in its previous installments and completely drops them by the wayside in the final part of the story, there's issues to be had with that.

I feel like this book doesn't even fit classification in the mystery/suspense category. It's definitely romance, but a very poorly done one at that. Overblown reactions, childish antics, unlikable characters without development - I mean, I could go on about the number of problems "Never, Never" has with this last installment because it never really gives you expansions or explanations of what happened with Silas and Charlie with all the WTF? things that happened in the previous installments. It's like those things never happened and it gets shrugged off just for the sake of furthering Silas and Charlie's pre-destined romance, which is hammered and forced upon the reader in so many turns.

I've said this before when talking about some of the stories that I've read from Colleen Hoover before: it feels fake. I sincerely do not like stories that try to force feed character chemistries to me in the scheme of the work I'm reading. Plus, I definitely DO NOT like stories that do a poor job with continuity and implied story promises that end up being shortchanged or lead to nothing of what was expounded upon in the work. This whole time - we're wondering why Silas and Charlie have these weird spells of amnesia, what really happened with Charlie's father being involved in criminal activities and Silas's family hating her family's guts, alongside why Charlie and Silas had the falling out that they did. Some of those questions were answered with a degree of mention, but they're not really expanded upon. Others had very out of the blue, wayward answers that didn't fit with the overarching narrative at all - and that's the reason why I'm pissed.

Biggest reason: MAJOR SPOILER (but not really, unless you want to be fairly pissed with the build up this series had):

Silas and Charlie had the amnesia because they weren't in love with each other enough.

(show spoiler)

Yes, I'm serious. All that build up for freaking nothing but something that was dashed off in a few statements for expansion. As if you can pull a rabbit out of a hat and say "Ta-da! Like my bag of tricks?" For goodness sake, man. This isn't a fantasy or meta-romance series, at least I wasn't lead to believe that from the beginning. If the story had foreshadowing to kind of shape that explanation more and it hadn't set out all sorts of clues to suggest other explanations, maybe I would've bought it. But to me? To me that was a cop-out explanation and lazy writing. It's like they didn't know how they wanted to end it and just wanted to scribble the story off and be done with it. Plus you've got CoHo's trademark problematic possessive "romantic" leanings (I don't know how telling someone if they look at another girl they'll either gouge your eyes or murder the girl and blame it on you is in any way romantic or funny. It's not even funny in the terms of dark or ironic humor) and engaging in problematic behaviors (no: I don't buy the "They're young and they're in LOVE" expansion for explaining some of the things Silas and Charlie did in here. For me, it was time taken away from the central questions that were surrounding this series. I mentioned in previous reviews that this series had a serious issue with maintaining focus on the story elements - this book took far too many tangents and wasted narrative space with things that weren't pertinent to answering those questions.)

That doesn't deserve my time or my money and I'm happy to say I got a refund from Amazon for this part. I was so horribly disgusted and upset for the poor quality of what it gave me.

Now whether I pick up another work from these authors is something I can't say for sure right now. I'm just too terribly disappointed to say much else about it. I do know the only reason I'm not giving this 0 stars is because it had a darned good theme and premise to it, but to end like that - I don't know what to say. I sincerely don't.

Overall score: 1/5 stars.