NaNoWriMo and Reading/Reviewing Update

Gah, my progress this year is much slower than it was last year, so I'm just under 30,000 words.  That's actually pretty good consider it's now officially mid month, but I wanted to reach my goal by mid month. Bah humbug.


On another note, I'm still trying to go through several books and update reviews as I'm going along, so that's part of the reason, and I"m still editing my other WIP.  So I'm keeping busy, but I'll try to be better about poking my head in from time to time to say hi.


I haven't done many requests on NetGalley still because I'm trying to catch up with the ones on my plate, so I'm holding off until I can update those reviews.  But you'll see more NetGalley reviews coming soon, considering I'm going through more reads on my ARC stack.


Happy reading and writing all,