A fair start to November - starting NaNo, a busy Halloween, and basically behind on everything else

I think pretty much the title says it all.  Oy vey.


I'll start off by saying I'm excited for NaNo, because my outline for that is complete and I'm going to start writing as soon as I finish this post, get my daily word count out of the way since around midnight-ish, my writing peak is the best.  My poor NaNo WIP still doesn't have a title, but I figure I can work with it as I go along.


I had a busy Halloween on the whole.  Mostly running errands for end of the month stuff, but the Halloween crowds weren't too bad.  I didn't do anything special like dress up or offering up goods for trick or treating (might decide otherwise next year).  I saw many employees at the stores I perused did though - it was fun to see the different costumes on adults and kids/teens alike around my area.


I'm still trying to play catch-up on reviews, reading, and finishing up my other WIP.  I'm going to try to reach my 50,000 NaNo word goal by mid-month and if I can do that, then I think I'll polish off the last of this other WIP.  I'm still going to be reading between as food for thought, so when I can, I'll continue posting reviews of those reads I complete.  I still can't seem to shake book hopping to some extent, and it's probably because I've been in turbo mode the past few weeks.  I'm hoping it levels off soon, though. *crosses fingers*


For those of you participating in NaNoWriMo, again, a hearty good luck to you.  Hope you meet all your writing goals for the month.  And for those of you using the month to read as well, cheers to finding as many awesome reads.  There were a few books I pre-ordered that came in I'm excited about reading (*cough Julie Kagawa's "The Iron Warrior" *cough*) and a few others I got as galleys (I haven't done a galley post because I haven't been requesting any new ones since I'm catching up on my current reads now).


I'm hoping this is more of a productive month for me than previous ones.  Happy reading and writing all.