Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things I'd Ask the Book Genie to Grant Me

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.  As per usual, if you guys want to participate and see more bloggers participating in this meme, feel free to follow the link - it's a fun weekly challenge.  I'm enjoying it immensely.


So this week has me answering what I would like the Book Genie (book genie?) to grant me.  This sounds like a fun topic.  I'm probably going to go off the top of my head with this one.


1. Give me a YA dystopian that doesn't primarily focus on romance.  Because it seems like so many of them do,  I really enjoy dystopians because I like the otherworld and watching characters struggle in the circumstances behind these environments. While there's nothing wrong with a story that chooses to focus on romance in this vein (and let's face it, not having those kind of stories at all would be unfortunate), sometimes it gets a little tiring when it seems to be the only thing a story focuses on, or the story seems to suffer because it's trying so hard to shape a particular "ship".  So what other things can a dystopian story do besides have romance?


  • have a pulse pounding tale of survival in variant elements or various depravities
  • immerse the reader in learning a different culture/society
  • have the characters fight for a cause they believe in


Heck, I'd be game for all three in one story if it had it, and it'd be awesome if I could learn the plights of the characters and their personalities that much more.   I mean, there are so many things you can do with these kinds of stories, but I think if my searches still come up empty, I think I'll just hope the Book Genie comes through and I can get something that knocks my socks off in this vein.


2. I just want more time to read.  I do try to fit reading in whenever I can - between commutes to work, bedtime reading, audiobook reads at the gym and doing chores, but even then, it's still not enough.  Maybe extend the weekend another day?  That would help.


3. I'd like to collect at least 2-3 different editions of a favorite book from other countries.  Because sometimes the cover of a book in another country is so much prettier than the one you end up getting in your home country.  Plus, I personally find it interesting to see how a book may translate linguistically in another language compared to my own.


I'm still trying to decide on that favorite book though.  I might try Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca" first.


4. Don't necessarily ask for a private library as big as Belle's from Beauty and the Beast (though that would be nice), but I would like my own nice little reading nook.   Because I already spend hours on Tumblr browsing through spaces I wish I could have as my own. Like this:



5.  More motivation to finish writing the book reviews I started a long time ago, but never finished.  It's because I get sidetracked by so many other books I want to read and a day turns into a week...a week turns into a get the idea.


6. Send my blessing of coffee cake to all of my favorite writers. (Or perhaps their choice of something sweet.  It'd be my token of appreciation.  But I'm guessing for authors who aren't from my respective time, someone's going to have to take the cake via the TARDIS.  Now I wonder who I can recruit for that...? ;) )


7. Just get rid of all the comparison marketing that I see publishers use surrounding new books. Let the book's accolades and distinctions stand on their own and proudly.  (If I have to hear a thriller referred to as the next "Gone Girl" or "Girl on the Train" one more time...Oy vey.  Unfortunately, I've seen an example of this far too recently in my reading pursuits.)


8. Longer stamina in staying awake.  Because if I'm reading books into the wee hours of the morning (like I will be doing tonight after penning this post), I'll need all the energy that I can get.  Non-caffeine fueled preferably.


9. To throw a book-themed party for myself and my bookish friends.  Because that would be fun. It'd be like a birthday party and a slumber party all in one.  Bookish treats, prizes, games, and a read-along.  I've never had the chance to do something like that, but I think I know one person who did it and loved it.


10.  Just to be able to share the bookish love I have with others.  Self explanatory.


Cheers, and until next entry,