Found a NaNoWriMo topic, just in time for the site's reopening

I've been feeling under the weather the past several days (despite having an eventful and restful weekend), but thankfully I'm back to sorts enough to post that I finally have a NaNoWriMo topic to work with.  I'm drafting the outline and hopefully will finish that this week between working on my current WIP.


I still haven't given it a title though.  I've added a tentative synopsis on my NaNoWriMo profile, but I'm pretty sure I'll revise it to something more developed as the month goes on.


The base story though: YA fantasy/otherworld centered around a young woman undertaking a journey to figure out why a magical illness/curse took the lives of everyone in her village, and stay off a progressive deterioration of her body and mind in the vein of that illness while trying to find its cause, cure, and prevent others from succumbing to the same effects.  If that makes any sense.


Anyone that wants to add me as a writing buddy, here's my profile below.