Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things I Need to Stop Doing While Reading

This post is, as per usual, brought to you by the theme sponsored by The Broke and the Bookish.  I missed last week's Top Ten Tuesday, figured I'd pick up where I left off with this week's since it seems like an interesting one.


So, this week's theme is Top Ten Things I Want to Stop/Quit in a bookish vein, and I figured I'd do something along the lines of things I need to stop doing while reading/pursuing my reading hobby.  This is probably an easier list for me to craft than you think because...well, I have bad habits.


Let's start with #10 and go from there, shall we?


10. Stop carrying two other physical books with me when I'm trying to read one on the go.  I'm guilty of doing this when commuting to my workplace.  I can read a book or two inside of a day (three if it's an ebook), that's just how fast I read, but this is a bad habit because this encourages my horrible habit of book hopping.  I will be tempted to read the second and third book when I really should be focusing on the one that I'm reading at present.


9. Stop browsing new books when I haven't finished my old ones.  This is along the same lines as the previous entry.  I do this both with physical books as well as galleys.  And this is especially true when I have to go to library to return books or find myself in a bookstore browsing the latest releases.  I have a habit of peeking on the inside, reading the first two chapters, and then I don't really want to stop unless I have to and then the cycle continues again.  Yep, the lure of the shiny and new.  It never fails.


8. Stop checking out more books from the library than I return.  Self-explanatory. My twin gets on me about this quite a bit.  I mean, it's efficient because if I'm returning a bunch of books in the library, that means I've combed through them, read them, off the TBR they go, but realistically speaking, I'm not freeing up space in my reading corner at home because I have less space than I started with and my goal is trying to clean OUT my reading stack, not clutter with more books that I may or may not have time to finish.  It's never ending, I tell you.  The struggle is real. *coughs*


7. Stop having my nose in a book when I'm trying to walk/go places.  This applies to physical and digital books as well as audiobooks. I actually don't do this now as much as I used to when I was younger.  I'd had a tendency to walk into things.  I'm pretty sure one of the times I did this in middle school, i walked right into the median that was between the double doors of my school, had a bruise in the middle of my forehead for a week. Another time, I was listening to an audiobook tape on my Walkman (this tells you how old I am...somewhat?  Err, not really).  I was reading while walking on the outside and I walked into one of those median poles that comes up to your hip and is supposed to help block vehicles from entering a certain area.  It hit my shins.  It hurt. Badly.


6. Stop eating or consuming beverages while I'm trying to read.  Because if something surprises me or makes me laugh, I'll usually end up either choking or spitting out my drink.  I've done this surfing the web before, so no surprise I'd probably be better off not doing this when reading books in any medium.


5. Stop listening to audiobooks when I'm too tired to stay awake reading them.  At least if I have a physical book or an ebook, I know around the area I stopped reading and can pick up where I left off with no problems.  On the contrary, I've had incidents where I'd wake up in the middle of the night 3 to 4 hours later after falling asleep and either the audiobook credits are rolling ("WHAT? I MISSED EVERYTHING!") or it's in a place where I have no idea what just happened.  Though I do make use of the bookmarking feature of my audiobook software, still doesn't curb this from being a bad habit and having to backtrack.


4. Stop binge reading a certain genre of book if the experience isn't as pleasant as I would hope.  Sometimes I have a habit of doing this - it's not that bad if I usually love or can appreciate a specific genre or I might have reasons for reading a specific type of book where I'm trying to look for certain topics to draw parallels.  But sometimes reading too much in a single category or genre can burn me, and it's the reason why I intentionally try to vary up what I'm reading in order to keep myself from having genre/category burnout or a bout of reader's block.  Thankfully, this isn't an often occurrence because I have a good range of books to choose from.


3. Stop overloading my choices over what to read.  I've done this many a time: sometimes having too many choices and overwhelm you and then you don't know what to read at all.  This is why I either do specific reading challenges, or I do pickings, or I go into my Calibre database and use the random feature to pick my next read.  Or, just pick up the most random thing that catches my eye and run with it.


2. Stop losing track of time when I read.  This is more true when I'm listening to a long audiobook.  At most I can do two other things while I'm listening, but when the only thing I'm doing is listening to the audiobook and I'm in my zone...well, the day/evening can flow by quicker than expected if you're into a really good story.


And my number one bad habit/thing I should stop doing while reading:


1. STOP BOOK HOPPING.  Seriously, jumping from one read to another is my biggest weakness, and this is the reason why sometimes I don't finish as many books as I'd like in a given time.  I think the worst I had with this was when I ended up reading 25 books at one time and I wasn't finishing any of them because I was jumping from one to the other. That was too much.  Now, I usually do no more than five at a time.  Really. (As if that's not bad enough, heh).


That's all for this week's entry. Until the next, happy reading all.