I'm trying not to speak too soon, but I think I might like this NA

Rikki (Hart University Book 1) - Abigail Strom
"I don't believe in slut-shaming girls for how they dress or do their makeup or..."

"How many guys they've slept with?"

"That either. No one should be shamed for their choices."

Tamsin looked at me for a moment. "You know something?"


"I like you. You're nice."


Thank goodness this is going mostly against the grain of NA trends. Stay awesome, Rikki.
  • Oh, and bonus points for:

    The heroine's lesbian mothers having a prominent role.

    The heroine gradually becoming friends with another female character (and not shaming her).

    Showing that the heroine has a little bit of envy over attention to her LI (because: unresolved sexual tension), but not putting it to the point where she puts down other women.

    I might like this book.