Go Set a Watchman - Harper Lee

I'm just going to copy pasta my Goodreads status update upon finishing this:


Finished. My strongest reaction is to say "Screw this book".

1 star, if that. I'll talk about it when I'm not so boiling mad that I want to throw things.


I need a little time to meditate on this book because I'm reacting to several things that upset me in the course of reading this book, in completely the wrong focus and wrong way. And maybe that's the problem with "Go Set A Watchman" - it doesn't necessarily shine a light on anything. Shallow portrayals of its characters, shallow portrayals of its issues, and pretty much an incomplete novel that seems like it's aiming towards something greater, but never fulfills that promise.


I don't even think Resse Witherspoon's narration could've saved this book from completely missing the mark. It's not even in the matter of comparing it to TKAM, I'm upset for what it expounded upon on its own. This'll be a long review, I already know it, but I'm having to figure out what it is I'm going to say about what's wrong with this book.