Anyone else know about this? Hulu costs $15/month for only 26 days

So some of you guys know I have Hulu Plus (well, now it's known just as Hulu) - and I just noticed that they upped the price to the subscription to $15/month, for only 26 days without saying anything for their respective terms (on the website, it still says $7.99 a month).  What the heck, man?  I'm guessing either they wanted to wait until after the July 4th holiday to announce it or something, but my wallet just got a rude awakening when I went to re-subscribe.


Might consider not using the service anymore, because not even saying anything about it is making me vexed to no end. I had no idea of the price change, and it wasn't noted anywhere that I could see.


UPDATE: As per my notes in comments:


Okay, looks like it was an error in wording and credit from what I've been able to understand.

Turns out that the $15 gift option gets you 1 month AND 26 days of credit on the site, but they updated my credit to be available until September 1st, which is basically almost 2 months from now.

Ughhhh, that's the weirdest way of being able to bill it that I've seen, but I guess they updated the way they did their gift card options and didn't make that clearer. Oy vey.