John Green Plagiarised: Why This Matters

"Make no bones about it – John Green, whether he intended to or not, stole someone else’s content. He plagiarised. He took credit for that which was not his on the assumption that it must be because the internet says so. At no point in the process of making products with that quote did Green or anyone else stop to check he’d actually written it because the privilege was so blinding."



Read more at Bibliodaze (and wish me luck because Nerdfighters terrify me). 


Rose's comments: I'm actually shocked that I haven't heard more about this and that it's being so actively thought of as a matter "resolved."  Plagiarism is one of my biggest irks and induces large levels of rage in me when it occurs and the people responsible don't step up to the plate and own up to it. This is not cool.  If Green had even the slightest doubt that it wasn't his words from Paper Towns, why didn't he address it the moment it came up?  And further, the girl he took the quote from did not deserve to be harassed over her own words.  


This is inexcusable.

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