"If you get negative reviews, you cannot go on the defensive. People are entitled to their opinion and I have never seen a single author that got all positive reviews from everyone under the sun. Too many authors get caught up in their emotions and it is understandable to an extent.

...I see some authors grow hysterical if a reader says something they do not agree with, or if they get a bad review. They go online and paste it on a social network and wait for their readers to defend their wonderful books. Sure, some will hop on the post and cosign on their anger, but most people are looking at the post and shaking their heads. It is a sign of immaturity to get upset about negativity towards your work. Take pride in your work regardless. If you believe you put your best effort into the book and it is a compelling story, carry yourself that way. Let it slide right off you. Don't engage in arguments with readers and book reviewers, in private or in front of anyone else. Either do not respond, or thank them for giving your work a chance, like I do."

A few excerpts from Zane's "Infinite Words".