So, I ended up surviving the whole read

Dragonbride (The Dragon Chronicles Book 1) - Raani York, Brian Wixson, Howard David Johnson

Bought this on Amazon for $5.35, managed to read this over four days time.  Decided I'm not returning it to Amazon.  I think my notes on it are ones I'll want to return to on how not to write fantasy.


It wasn't very good to be honest.  Very few moments where I could say it had potential as a respectful fantasy tale, but there were too many problems.  Some points I was offended, some points I was bored, other points had lacking development and awkward transitions as well as translation (and yes, this book was translated, but even then, I think the content had problems as well as the formatting).


I've been brainstorming a few ways to write this review, but I decided I'd better just stick to standard and explain the issues I had with it.   I have a feeling that this review would've never been posted had I asked the author's permission.  =/