Apologies to all for filling up your feeds...

...with reblogs, but it seems a lot happened today, and I wanted to just get the word out and express similar sentiments and condolences.  I can't even talk about the terrorist attacks that happened today - my thoughts go out to all the loved ones and affected parties of those horrible incidents.


I have a blog post I'm going to pen about the measure with Stacey Jay (who is an author I've read before and I've long respected her writing), but does anyone else think she threw the YA community under the bus with her apology?  I'm actually most upset about that right now as I'm trying to piece together the timeline and reactions. I did call early on (and even my twin sister can attest to this, since I talked about it with her) that the KS campaign, in my own words - "would not go over well with the community. It's a bad call."  It's very different what she was trying to do with her KS campaign versus what was done with Reading Rainbow, or indie game/media projects that were started on the service.


Seems like I was right.


People need to stop blaming entire communities of audiences and misattributing very serious measures (bullying, etc.) for things that are best addressed in ethical and business discussions.  And those discussions need to be ongoing and open as - in this case - the business of writing and being a writer/author expands in today's market.  And people need to be more open to how readers feel about these kinds of things as well, because after all - they're an essential part of this.