Review: Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan

Unravel Me - Kendall Ryan

Notably a quicker read than I expected, but not so much a quick review on my part because this book frustrated the heck out of me. I wouldn't say this is an erotic novel, more like a typical NA novel that has some erotic tones, but it's not really even that steamy except in very few places, and mostly they're forced fed to you as the reader. If the heroine didn't mention herself as sexed starved in every other statement she ever made, it was too soon. (Wait for it...yep, too soon.)

The premise for this intrigued me, probably far more than I actually got out of the read. I was all for the thesis student studying a guy with amnesia who might've been someone implicated in a possible murder, but this book was so juvenile that I felt like banging my head against the wall several times. It wasn't written very well and the dialogue and meandering from the heroine's viewpoint really killed the read for me, for the most part. If Ashlyn wasn't oggling Logan's body (which really wasn't fair to him, given the guy's circumstances) or doing very stupid things in front of a possible murder suspect (and noting her stupidity for making stupid decisions), she was superfluously rambling and trusting this guy too easily without so much of a care in the world. I think part of the problem was that the relationship between Ashlyn and Logan wasn't really shown, just insinuated, and it felt like insta-lust for a long stretch in the narrative. I could see places where the author attempted to develop it (and I appreciated points where Logan and Ashlyn tried to work through ways to get his memory back). But ultimately, this read mostly made me annoyed through a threadbare tying of chemistry and dictated set of events.

I think what kept me reading, and why I ended up rating this around 1.5 stars, was because of Logan's circumstances. I wanted to figure out who he was, I wanted to know if he was really a murderer. I wanted to watch him grow and develop past his amnesia, figure out the truth behind his past. Try as I might, I really couldn't care for Ashlyn, not even with her respective past and details about her life. Her voice was too annoying, unrealistic, and again - very juvenile for her age and experiences.

It turned out that things worked out for the best in the end, but even then, it felt a bit too convenient (and I didn't find Logan's proposal to be that fulfilling). I realize this is the start to an ongoing series. I may pick up the next novel, but it's hard to build excitement for it because this dropped the ball so hard on having what was essentially a great premise. We'll see.

Overall score: 1.5/5 stars