"Nessie Jacob's Guide to Writing New Adult Tip #7: Bad boys sing and play guitars or drums. They don’t play harpiscords, lutes, tamborines or accordions.

Tip #10: No one goes to classes. And if they do, it's usually to meet the cute guy who works on a project with you or is staring at you with deer eyes from the back corner of the class. You might want to look back at him if the latter happens. Otherwise it would just be creepy to leave him doing that all by himself. People will wonder."

40,759 words on this project so far.  Whew.


And this is officially the weirdest story I've ever written, man.  Parody or not.  I think I've hit a lot of themes in New Adult in this book and done a fair share of parodying certain book series and characters (Jamie McGuire's probably going to wish bad karma on me, but I regret nothing.)


Probably a good sign from a writing desk if you're laughing while penning a narrative, but I think I'll want to go through this anyway a second time to make sure the humor works for what it's showing.  My MC, Nessie, has these bit anecdotes in certain places in the narrative and these just happened to jump out at me randomly.  Some of them I may use, others I may not.