Review: Homeland - Phantom Pain by Glenn Gers/Damian Lewis

Homeland: Phantom Pain - Glenn Gers, Damian Lewis

Quick review for a quick read. "Phantom Pain" was a surprisingly intriguing read, and made even better by Damian Lewis's excellent narration in the audiobook. This is the story of Brody from the series "Homeland" - kind of a lead-in story about how he goes into exile. Note that this is a bridge story between Season 2 and Season 3 of the series. Brody is a broken man writing in letter form his respective experiences and journey. The story assumes that you know certain events to supplement the narrative, but I found it an intriguing read as a stand-alone story. The writing is very strong, and Brody's personality and emotional state leaps from the story in a vivid account that I could feel for. Coupled with encounters with colorful characters and a marked betrayal all while lamenting a love lost, Lewis's narration brings the emotion home from Brody's character. While a brief read, it held my attention throughout until the last line.

I would definitely want to read more of Brody's experiences given this narration, as well as hear more narratives from Lewis's dictations.

Overall score: 4.5/5 stars