Seems like a good time to cut down my NetGalley Reading List

I haven't visited the site in a while (nor requested anything until tonight, who'd have thunk it!), so I'm going through lists of books that I will and won't read.  I'm being a stickler about it because I'm trying to see what books interest me upon re-evaluation, and ones that won't.  I'll probably still be reading between NaNoWriMo (gotta keep my inspiration high, and I do this by reading), but not as frequently as I would on a regular basis.


Suffice to say, I haven't been on a "regular" basis with anything as of late, and I already know I won't meet my reading goal for this year by the end of December.  But I'm being kind to myself and trying to get to some kind of recon.  Having the space to do it is helping, between an already busy schedule for me in other measures.


I'm actively using #BloggerBlackout to get back to sorts.  But I'll be back to reviewing on a constant string (hopefully) starting November 1st, more than likely starting with old reads and working my way to recent ones in order to clear my backlog.  And I'll also be writing in turbo mode on NaNo project (which I'm oddly excited for).


Let's do this.