At 24% and I'm raging (not surprised, but yeah, I brought this one on myself - as usual)

Apolonia - Jamie McGuire

"Christ, she was beautiful. Even her last day on this earth with mascara running down her face and a rag tied tightly across her mouth, she was the embodiment of beauty."


What the heck man?! What a thing to say about a parent's last moments before they were murdered.

Dude, this is so awkward and upsetting.  I'm not surprised, but it still makes me cringe how McGuire can romanticize such brutal or problematic situations.  It cheapens the situation and is such an emotional mismatch.


The pseudo-intellectualism really bothers me in this book as well.  Usually you can tell when a writer knows their subject and can expound upon it quite naturally from the research or knowledge they have.  But I'm convinced from the heroine's vague musings that she has really no idea what she's talking about or researching.


And that makes my sapiosexual heart weep.