Review: The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Always - J.A. Redmerski

Quick review for a quick read. I ended up reading this at the insistence of someone telling me that "The Song of Fireflies" makes a lot more sense after reading this second part to the "The Edge of Never." While that's true (and I ended up understanding more on why Cam and Andrew showed up in "Fireflies"), I don't think this was worth the read, because it felt like a series of different storylines in a fan-fiction type narrative that bring Cam and Andrew back to the forefront. It felt like a sequel just to present a sequel, not really a story that made the characters more developed or made them more endearing to me. If anything, I felt annoyed at the cheap shots for drama despite there being some very heavy subjects. (Don't get me started on the treatment of depression and substance abuse/drug use in here. Apparently love from your husband and road trips are all you need to get over having a miscarriage and abusing pain pills. And I could talk about the whole sketch situation of the characters getting doped up for days - it was one of the scenes featured in "Fireflies". Andrew is pretty much a victim in a rapey situation situation as well and Just no. *fumes* Rage, man. Rage.)


It was about what I expected for what the content provided - I didn't expect much from the read, but it still didn't grab me. It felt like the narrative was too convenient for certain events and plodded along between predictable turns of conflict and those that were so contrived it was hard to take the narrative seriously and emotionally for what it noted. I wasn't impressed and for the ending to this respective series, it's probably a good thing that it concludes here with Cam and Andrew's story. "Song of the Fireflies" had at least some moments of urgency that were palpable, but this - can't say that it did much to pull me in.


Overall score: 0.5/5 stars.