Authors weigh in on the Dear Author lawsuit

The Governess Affair - Courtney Milan The Winter Sea - Susanna Kearsley Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire Safe Word - Teresa Mummert

Rose's Notes: Moonlight Reader sums up some authors (who are awesome) that support speaking out against Ellora's Cave's actions against Dear Author, and other authors (who are just...I don't even have words for them) who seem to think the lawsuit is the ultimate gratifying revenge against someone they don't like.


It's interesting that McGuire and Mummert have books releasing this month as well, and while I could say it's coincidence...I don't think it is.   If they wanted attention, they got it. But I'm sure it's not the attention they wanted or expected, and the backlash is pretty prominent, on Twitter among other places.


Two authors to add to the "supportive of book bloggers/readers/and free speech" list:


Susanna Kearsley wrote a comment on Dear Author related to two petty, teeny-tiny authors who were snickering about the lawsuit as payback for negative reviews.


Not incidentally, she writes amazing books. My favorite by her is Winter Sea, but I've never read one that wasn't pretty darned good.


In addition, Courtney Milan is a long-term, well-known voice of authorial reason, and supporter of the rights of readers/bloggers to speak their minds. Her books are, as well, wonderful. I've read several, and reviewed a few here. She has a unique voice in the historical romance genre.


Two authors to add to the "I'm a snotty little mean girl who revels when my enemies get sued, whether the suit is frivolous or not, and silencing my enemies is awesome!" list:


You can see screenshots of the tweets here.


Jamie McGuire. Honestly, her books (well, the only one I've read) are kind of terrible, in my opinion. Not, apparently, as terrible as her character.


Teresa Mummert. Never heard of her. Don't read her. Won't start now.


Speech should be free - not consequence free. If you don't like authors who behave like assholes in public, you can choose who you want to support with your book buying bucks.

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